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Transition Easily Into a Virtual Environment with help from Syntech Group

DataCenter Virtualization

Virtualization is one of the key trends that impacts infrastructure and operations. It can help organizations reduce their server footprint, leverage under-utilized capacity and more effectively manage IT resources. As a result of a smaller server footprint and increased utilization, virtualization can help reduce energy consumption and floor space requirements.

So, the question is no longer whether virtualization brings value, but where to get started in adoption, which applications and portions of the infrastructure require transformation and how to effectively consolidate and manage virtual servers within a traditional environment. Syntech Group offers services in the areas of virtualization design, development and on-going management to address your organization’s needs across this broad spectrum.

Syntech Group offers consulting services to assess, design, and implement highly available IT solutions that leverage virtualization as well as streamline redundant and under-utilized resources.

Our certified and experience experts will help your organization create an infrastructure that leverages virtualization guaranteed to meet your business objectives.

Desktop Virtualization

Virtualize your desktop environment at your own pace and deliver an exceptional user experience on your budget, according to your needs. Your cloud client-computing approach to desktop virtualization should encompass data center hardware, management software, endpoints (including virus-immune thin and zero clients) and end-to-end services. Syntech Group will design a VDI solution to facilitate IT success.

Choose from various data center hardware and pre-tested software options (Citrix® VMware® Microsoft® or Wyse vWorkspace) that work for you so you can be successful:

  • Scale quickly. Dell cloud client-computing VDI solutions are easy to plan, deploy and run at scale.
  • Empower your workforce through greater mobility.
  • Optimize IT resources through simplified planning, installation, management and operation.
  • Improve security through enhanced protection of your data at both the data center and at your endpoints devices.
  • Better manage the total costs of your business.

Contact Syntech Group to discover how easy it is to improve security, manage IT and provide reliable flexibility for your users.