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Cloud Backup Service

Cloud Backup Service – StrongBox

  • With StrongBox, Syntech is able to provide you with a Hybrid backup solution.
  • Giving you the convenience of local backups and the reliability of the cloud.
  • Support servers (physical and virtual), databases and live applications

Hybrid, Local & Cloud Backup

  • Provides an added layer of data protection.
  • Back up to the cloud, locally to a physical piece of hardware or networked drive, or to both.
  • Recover quickly from a local copy while ensuring that the data is protected in the cloud if the local site experiences a disaster.

Hot backup

  • Keep your servers online during backups, eliminating interruptions.
  • Customized scheduling allows you to schedule backup to conform to your business’s workflow.
  • Customize schedule to ensure automatic backups.

Advanced Customization & Management

  • Designed to let you control and customize your backup.
  • Option to schedule full, incremental or differential backups to save cloud storage space.
  • Management capabilities also include advanced retention, bandwidth and compression settings.
  • Default 128 bit encryption, customizable 256 bit private key encryption and SSL transport security.
  • Manage the local and cloud copies of your data.
  • Set email notifications that keep you up-to-date with the backed up data.